Fast Internet

SilverStream is a partner and re-seller for fast internet. Do you need WiFi or Fibre? Contact us for more information

IT Support

SilverStream will give you the best service and support in both hardware and software issues. We also have fixed rates.


SilverStream will design you company logo, letterheads, website, flyers, banners and posters.


SilverStream have many security options available to help keep unauthorized activities outside of your network.


SilverStream is a partner and re-seller for fast internet. Do you need Wi-Fi or Fiber? We have different packages for you to choose from. We also have speeds up to 50MB. Click here for more information.


10MB – R299
25MB – R599
35MB – R699

Uncapped & Unshaped
No Booster
No Contracts


SilverStream provides multi-support solutions. Support for us is more than just solving a problem. We will consult and motivate the best posible solution for your comapany so that you can safe money on the long run. We believe in building relationships with all our clients and earning their trust.

We also have fixed support prices and can also tailor your needs, big or small. Let us know what you need and we will custom create a solution for you.


SilverStream has more than 18 years designing experience. With us the sky is the limit. We can design ALL of your personal or company designs for you. We will be able to design your content for you from scratch and also consult you in what will work best for your company. In the end it’s still your decition so we will make sure you’ll look good in every way.

We specialize in the following

Web-Design, Company Profiles, Company Letterheads, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Banners, Logo’s, Photo Manupilation, 3d Photo, Wedding Videos, Video Editing, Company Intro’s, Motion Graphics, Special Effects, Web Images, Book Layouts, Magazine Designing.


Internet Security is not a luxury anymore it’s a necessity.  More and more companies are getting targeted with ransomware and viruses. We can help with both local and cloud solutions to protect your sensitive information against hackers and other forms of infections.

We can provide you with vulrnability assesments and point out where your weaknesses are in your network. SilverStream also provide User-Awareness for small to big entities. We can provide a solution called Phishing. This means that we will launch legitimate Phishing Campaigns to make your users aware of the risks. Awareness Training can also be provided. 

We have many software solutions to cater for all your security needs, both local and cloud based.

IT Solutions Plans

Security Services contains different rates because of company structure and volume. Contact us for more info.

Standard call out fees applies depending on your whereabouts if no contract is held. Call Out fees start from R350